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NCERT Solutions is a one-stop all study material constructed for helping students to improve their score and understanding of the subjects. NCERT book solution focuses on the NCERT pattern of Question and answers and provides the students with all the solutions to the problems asked in the textbooks. NCERT Solution PDF is created for all the students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The PDF focuses on the growth of a child’s knowledge by providing all the study materials he would need in his schooling stage so that he doesn’t need to worry about looking for notes anywhere else.

VRC’s NCERT solutions PDF is the byproduct of a collective effort from the teachers with years of experience and the students actively involved in making this PDF. The entire NCERT book solution is a complete guide for anyone looking to strengthen his knowledge of any topic, any concept, any subject, or even if you want to go back and use the study material as a reference.

The NCERT solutions provided in the PDF are written while keeping in mind the exam pattern to help you score better. The focus is also on the overall development of the student therefore the PDF is also created keeping in mind the understanding of important topics.

NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12  Classwise List

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Download NCERT Solution PDF Free

Get your free NCERT solution PDF here. The PDF contains solutions to all the textbook questions. The explanations are easy to understand and written to maximise retention. All the problems are solved keeping the exam marking scheme in mind. These are answers prepared by teachers with years of experience in teaching. NCERT Solutions from Class 1 to 12 are all available in this PDF.

The free PDF comes with everything the students need in their preparations for their exams and their studies. The PDF for students of Class 1 to 12 is further categorised subject wise and chapter wise. This PDF is great both as a referencing tool and as a study guide. You can download the free PDF here and use the PDF according to your needs.

NCERT Solutions for All Classes

The NCERT textbook solutions contain solutions to all the problems asked in the prescribed textbooks. This PDF consists of study material for the students from Class 1 to 12. The syllabus is as prescribed by the NCERT and the solutions, as well as questions, are up to date. Download this PDF for free and start your preparations for your upcoming final exams. A reliable, up to date and effective study material is a must-have during these times. VRC’s NCERT solutions PDF consists of all these features and is a must-have in your arsenal. NCERT solution PDF helps you in your preparation with chapter wise differentiation so you can go through each subject more conveniently and come back to any chapter again if needed.

Class 1-5 being the foundational years, special attention is given to strengthening the child’s concepts and understanding of the subjects. These years of primary education are fairly important for the child’s growth and development so it’s advisable to regularly go through the NCERTs solutions PDF. For classes till higher secondary, the focus is on improving the student’s problem-solving skills. Additional questions for practice are available too, for students to practice regularly. For students of classes 11 and 12, it is fairly important to score well both in final exams and the competitive exams and therefore our focus is also there.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

Class 12 is the most crucial year for all students. The importance of Class 12 Board exams is the same as any competitive exams like JEE and NEET.  It becomes a deciding factor in many of their future career endeavours. Hence, it becomes really important for students to score well in CBSE Class 12 exams and come out with flying colours. NCERT books and solutions will help you a lot in your preparations. You need to invest dedicated time and effort to give your best performance in the CBSE Board exam. 

In this highly competitive era, students might find it challenging to score high marks in their exams. Also, the questions in CBSE board exams are more aptitude-based, unlike previously, when it was knowledge-based. So, just memorizing the concepts will not help you. You need to be strong at your fundamental concepts. Referring to good study materials to clear your doubts is necessary. To ensure this, VRC brings to you the best study materials designed by experts. CBSE solutions are part of VRC’s high-quality resources. 

The solutions will guide you in your preparation journey by clearing your doubts and teaching you the best approach to solve a question. The NCERT Solutions’ links for all subjects are listed below, both in English and Hindi and you can download them by clicking on these links. 

Some students find Maths to be a difficult subject. The main reasons behind this problem are lack of practice and unclear concepts. You must start your preparation early so that you have enough time to practice maths. Scoring well in maths demands your dedicated time and effort. You need to be consistent with regular practice. Solve all the questions in your NCERT Maths book. Even if you get saturated and feel like taking a break, make sure that you take small breaks and do not extend them. The more you practice questions in Maths, the better you will get. Sometimes, you might feel that the questions are too easy and you might skip those questions. But do not miss any questions from your NCERT Maths book. Every question is important. Solve all the questions if you are solving them for the first time. Next time onwards, you might skip some repeated questions. 

Maths check your aptitude skills. Make sure to clear all your doubts. Since the NCERT Maths book is the standard book recommended by the CBSE for Maths, you must be confident with every concept in your NCERT Maths book. You must refer to reliable resources. VRC brings to you NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths. You can refer to the solutions if you are stuck on some questions. You should also refer to this book if your answer is correct. This book can give you a better approach to solve the same question. The concepts are explained in an elaborate manner. You need not refer to many resources to clear your doubts. Also, VRC’s Solutions are designed by experienced experts who will give you the stepwise and best solution to every question in your NCERT Maths book. The NCERT book solution is available both in English and Hindi languages. 

Physics is a very important subject for Science stream students. Physics is all about your conceptual grasp. The most challenging part of Physics is solving numerical problems. Some questions might look difficult, but if your basics are strong you can solve them in no time. The CBSE Physics Board exam has both numerical and theoretical questions. You must know how to answer based on the marks of the questions. The NCERT Physics book is the standard book for the CBSE Physics Board exam. It is very important for you to solve each and every question from this book if you are aiming to score high in Physics. You might get stuck on some questions if your concepts are unclear. VRC brings to you a one-stop solution to all these problems, VRC’s NCERT solutions PDF for Physics Class 12. It contains all the answers to the questions in your Class 12 NCERT Physics book. The concepts are explained in a simple and easy-to-understand manner to address the needs of every student. VRC’s free NCERT Solutions are prepared by subject-matter experts who have performed thorough research to bring to you the best answers to the questions in NCERT books. Hence, these study materials are highly reliable. Formulas in Physics are very important. Do not make the mistake of simply memorizing the formulas. Understand each step in the derivation and try to do it on your own. 

Chemistry is another crucial subject for the Science stream students for CBSE Class 12 Board exam. Though the syllabus of Class 12 Chemistry looks exhaustive, Chemistry is a highly scoring subject. The syllabus is divided into Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. You must pay attention to numerical problems in Physical Chemistry. Work on your concepts and remember important formulas. One place where students often make mistakes is in units. Always check units while solving problems in Physical chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry is a relatively easy section. Remember all the chemical equations and expectations. To find all the concepts in one place, you can refer to VRC’s Revision Notes where all the concepts are included in a brief and clear manner. The last section of the Chemistry syllabus is Organic Chemistry. This is very important since it has higher weightage in your Chemistry Board exams. Make sure to revise regularly. In Chemistry too, it is crucial for you to solve every question from your NCERT Chemistry book. Sometimes, questions directly come from NCERT books in your Board exam. The concepts are also explained in a simple manner. Do not skip the solved examples. If you face doubts or difficulties while answering questions in your NCERT book, do not worry. VRC has got you covered with its NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry. 


Biology is an important subject. There are many diagrams, terms, and definitions that you must remember. The best way to ensure this is through regular revision. You can achieve this through short notes. While most of the students prepare short notes while they study, they might still miss some points. You can refer to VRC’s Revision Notes that you can download for free from VRC’s website. You must be aware of the importance of the NCERT Biology textbook for board exams. This is the recommended standard book and consists of all the concepts in the Biology syllabus of the Class 12 board exam. You must cover every question from this book and understand all the concepts thoroughly. VRC brings to you free NCERT solutions for Class 12 Biology. This not only contains all the answers to the questions in your NCERT books but also elaborates them in a simple manner. This is a very helpful study resource and will teach you how to write theoretical answers including keywords to score high. VRC’s Solutions are prepared by experts who have several years of experience and understand the question pattern of CBSE. You can download it by clicking on the links given above. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English PDF is available on the website of VRC to download for free. It includes previous years’ and value-based questions from the book Flamingo, which consists of prose and poems. It also includes answers to all the questions from the Vistas. You will learn to write answers based on marks weightage. There are some keywords that you must include in your answers to score more. VRC’s experts are experienced and have compiled the answer in such a way to give you the best possible approach to score high in English. English is a scoring subject. You must keep in mind to do regular revision. Also, maintain short notes to help you with revision. You can download VRC’s Revision Notes that include short notes highlighting all important points from your chapters. This will come in handy for revision before your Board exams too. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11

Practice all the questions from the NCERT Maths book for Class 11. This is the standard book as it is recommended by the CBSE Board. Complete all the questions in your book before you start solving other reference books. Practice daily. The more you practice, the better your concepts will develop. These concepts are building blocks for chapters in your Class 12 syllabus. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths consists of answers to all the questions in your NCERT book. These solutions are updated according to the latest syllabus. The solutions follow the format of CBSE and help you to score high in your exams. 

Physics is one of the most important subjects for students who have opted for Science for their +2 intermediate level. The topics included in Class 11 Physics are very important for the CBSE Boards exam as well as for other competitive exams like JEE and NEET. The concepts covered in Class 11 form the foundation for all the chapters included in class 12 Physics. It is very important for you to be confident with all the concepts. You must have strong theoretical knowledge and numerical skills in this subject. Study the theory with concentration. Do not jump at numerical problems. This is not maths. You need to understand the theory to be able to solve numerical problems. NCERT Physics book is the prescribed book for Physics by the CBSE. You must solve all the questions in your book including the solved ones. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics contain topic-wise comprehensive solutions for questions in the NCERT book. 

Chemistry is an important subject if you are from the Science stream. It is a scoring subject so you must ensure that you prepare well. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry is designed by experts to help you grasp all the concepts easily. Every chemical reaction is explained with suitable examples and explanations to provide you with the best learning experience. It enables a logical and analytical thinking approach among students. Class 11 Chemistry also aims at strengthening the foundation to understand the more complex topics in Class 12. It is very important for students to understand each and every concept properly. Concepts like atomic structure, periodicity, classification, chemical bonding, molecular structure, thermodynamics, states of matter, equilibrium, redox reactions, etc are discussed. These are the fundamentals that are very important to understand the concepts in higher classes. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology is the best learning guide that students can use to prepare for their exams. Since there are a lot of theoretical concepts and diagrams that you should remember, simply memorising these will not help you in your exam preparation. You must understand the concepts behind every diagram and remember each term associated. Since there is a lot to cover in Biology, you must prepare this subject in an organized and systematic manner. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology addresses all the issues faced by the students in their exam preparation. These are prepared by subject experts who have analysed the mental competency of students and understand the challenges faced by them. It includes answers elaborated in a very simple language and every concept is arranged in a systematic manner. It will help students to score high in their exams and also in other competitive exams. These solutions cover important concepts like biological classification, animal and plant kingdom, morphology, photosynthesis, biomolecules, cell division, nutrition, etc. 

Since students focus on Maths and Science in their Classes 11 and 12, they often neglect English. It should be given importance as it will affect your overall percentage. It is an easy subject and will increase your overall percentage significantly. You need not invest a lot of effort into studying English like Maths, Science, and Commerce, but consistent effort will lead you to success. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English is designed to make learning efficient and easier. The NCERT Solutions Class 11 English is divided into three parts: English hornbill, snapshots, and woven words. All the solutions are written in such a way as to ensure proper understanding. Students will learn to write answers in a way to score maximum marks. It is important to understand how much and what information should you include in your answers depending on the marks allotted to them. VRC’s Solutions are designed to keep these aspects in consideration and provide you with the best learning experience. 

Though Hindi is an easy subject for most students, scoring high in this subject might be challenging. There are poems and prose by the greatest poets and authors. You need to read between the lines to understand the underlying ideas. This might be difficult at times. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi covers answers to all the questions in your book. These solutions are presented in a very simple language and will help you in your exam preparation. You need not refer to multiple books to understand the chapters. You get all the solutions in one place compiled by experienced subject-matter experts. You will learn to frame answers in a way to score high in your exams. The meanings of difficult words are explained clearly and it enhances your vocabulary. You will be able to identify the keywords and use them to write better answers. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies covers a wide range of concepts and provides answers to all the questions in your NCERT books. Business Studies covers concepts like economics, accounting, and marketing. It covers the concepts of finance, marketing, organizational studies, accountancy, and economics. Business studies aim at enhancing skills like accountancy, organization, finance, marketing, and human resource management. You can achieve good scores in this subject with the help of the best resources. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies are the best study materials to help you in your exam preparation. These are prepared considering the challenges faced by the students in their preparations. You need to memorize a lot of business laws and trade sanctions. Business Studies is an integral part of your syllabus if you are a commerce student. All the concepts are covered in these solutions and are provided in a very simple language. You will get all the concepts compiled in one place which will also make it easy for you to revise. You can download these solutions from the official website of VRC and start solving problems. 

Economics is a branch of social science which deals with the production, distribution, and expenditure of goods and services. It deals with the study of how individuals, governments, countries, and trades distribute resources to fulfil their needs and categorize resources and coordinate efforts to achieve maximum outputs. To score good in economics, you should be good in mathematics and understand analytical processes. The class and category of an economic system are determined by the way resources get allocated within an economy. Economics is classified into four types: traditional economy, the market economy, command economy, and mixed economy. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Economics covers solutions to all the questions in your NCERT book. All the concepts are covered in a detailed and easy manner. This is also very helpful for revision. You need not refer to a variety of study materials to understand the concepts. These solutions are designed by experienced subject-matter experts who have addressed all the issues faced by the students. 

Accountancy is a subject that deals with the measurement of trading activities, converting information into proper reports making the information obtainable to the decision-makers. Financial statements are documents that liaise the information about an organization in monetary terms. Accounting is the business language and is an important subject for students from Commerce background. There are many concepts and terms that you should understand in order to score high in this subject. Referring to the best study materials will help you to achieve your goal. Since it is not advisable to refer to a variety of resources to understand any concept, VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Accountancy aims at providing all the concepts and necessary discussions in one place. It provides solutions to all the questions in the NCERT book. The NCERT book starts with the introduction and covers important topics like transactions, financial statements, computerised accounting systems, bank reconciliation statements, Bills of Exchange, etc. These topics are also important for you to build strong foundations for higher classes. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 covers solutions to all the questions in your NCERT Maths book. These solutions are prepared by expert faculty to help students score maximum in their Board exams. You can download these solutions in pdf format from the official website of VRC. Maths requires strong analytical and aptitude skills. If your concepts are strong, you can solve new questions easily. This will boost your confidence in your exams. The more you practice, the better you will understand maths. There is no shortcut to learning maths other than practice. Therefore, you must dedicate some time every day to solving problems. You should refer to NCERT Solutions when you get stuck at any question. Apart from this, the solutions presented in these books will show you the right approach to attempt any question. You will learn new tricks and concepts too. This is perfect for revision purposes. Maths is a scoring subject and you can easily score full marks in this subject with regular practice. Practising questions will help you to analyse your level of preparation and you can make your study plans accordingly. If your bases are strong, you can solve tough questions too. Therefore, focus more on strengthening your concepts. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science provides answers to all the questions in your NCERT Science book. These questions are very important from an exam-point-of-view. Make sure to go through each and every question. Science is a conceptual subject. You need to relate the subject with things around you to get a better understanding of the subject. This lays the foundation for understanding subjects in higher classes. You will study topics like chemical reactions, metals and non-metals, acids, bases and salts, life processes, heredity, light, electricity, etc. this subject will be divided into chemistry, biology and physics into higher classes. Therefore, it is important for you to strengthen your basics. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science is designed for you to score high in your Boards exam. These solutions are curated by experienced subject-matter experts who have done a thorough research and understand the exam and question pattern. Stepwise solutions are provided for all numerical problems so that you can understand them easily. These are effective resources for revision too. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English covers answers to all the questions in Class 10 English textbooks, First Flight, and Footprints without Feet. These are solved by subject-matter experts in a comprehensive manner and are prepared in accordance with the latest CBSE curriculum. This makes them the most reliable resources. These are available on the official website of VRC and you can download the solutions with a single click. You will learn to write answers in your English exam. Often, students get confused about how to write answers in English exams. By referring to these solutions, you will learn to frame proper answers according to the marks allotted. This is very important since there is a time limit in your exams and you must understand how much time you must invest in any question. All the terms are explained in detail and you will learn to use those words appropriately. This will also enhance your vocabulary. Since the solutions are presented in an easy language, this will save you a lot of time.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi is useful for your Board exam preparations. Class 10 Hindi is divided into Kshitij, Kritika, Sparsh, and Sanchayan. The chapters include poems and prose by the greatest authors and poets. These not only enhance your language skills but give you different perspectives of the world. Go through the marking schemes and syllabus thoroughly and prepare accordingly. Since Hindi is a subjective paper, you must know how much time you must give to every question. For this, you must learn to write answers based on marks weightage. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi will help you to frame answers in your exams. These solutions are framed by subject-matter experts and hence are reliable. All the complicated words are elaborated in these solutions and this also enhances your vocabulary. Your concepts will get clear as you practice writing answers with the help of VRC’s detailed solutions. 

Social Science is a theoretical subject and hence students are often confused on how elaborate they should write their answers. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science provides all the short and long-type answers. You will learn how much information you must include in your answers in order to score high in your exams. It will enhance your answer writing and presenting skills. The different parts of Class 10 Social Science are History, Geography, political science, and Economics. Download the solutions in PDF format from the official website of VRC and start practising. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 9
NCERT Solutions for Class 8
NCERT Solutions for Class 7
NCERT Solutions for Class 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 5

The subjects are now more advanced. You must refer to your NCERT books to understand the concepts. NCERT books are recommended by the NCERT and cover your entire syllabus. Solve all the questions in your exercise problems. VRC’s NCERT Solutions for Class 5 contains all the answers in a simple manner. You can clear all your doubts by referring to them. You will also learn to write answers in the right way in your exams. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 4

The subjects taught in previous classes are advanced now. Maths might seem difficult to a few students since some calculations are long. NCERT Solutions will help you understand these concepts and use the right approach to get accurate answers in less time. The more you practice, the more you will learn. Solve all the questions from your NCERT Maths book. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3

A new subject called EVS that stands for Environmental Science is introduced in Class 3. It makes the students aware of nature and their surroundings. They learn about the aspects of the environment in our lives. Language subjects include grammar to help them understand different terms. Maths is easy and can be solved daily. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2

Maths introduces the students to number systems and basic operations. It will help them to build the analytical skills that will accompany them throughout their lives. English and Hindi strengthen their communication skills through poems and stories. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 1

The chapters in Class 1 focus on building the basic concepts in students to understand the fundamentals that will help them throughout their life. It focuses on language skills that will help them to communicate. Maths includes basics to introduce them to numbers.

Benefits of NCERT Textbook Solution

This NCERT textbook solutions PDF is the most up to date study material available online. The NCERT solution PDF is a complete package for all the students of Class 1 to 12. Every subject is covered extensively in this PDF. The PDF can is available for download here. It is very easy to access. The answers to all the questions are also given in this PDF. Some of the additional benefits of this PDF are:

  • Extensive explanations of all the questions to improve concept-based learning.
  • Use of easy to understand language to maximise retention and improving understanding of the topic.
  • Additional questions for practice so that students can keep their progress in check.
  • Answers to all the questions in the textbook are available and written in accordance with the exam pattern.
  • Very short answer type questions, Short answer type questions and Long Answer type questions are included in the PDF.
  • Solutions are available for Class 1 to 12, for every subject chapter-wise.
  • The PDF is well categorized to increase the ease of use and improve learning.
  • Up to date PDF and includes additional questions.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can NCERT Solution for Class 11 Help me?

If you are a student of Class 11, the NCERT Solution of Class 11 will be of great significance and help to you. When we have to sit and study for hours at a go, it becomes a headache to keep going through textbooks for information that we may have missed out on. The NCERT Solution of Class 11 provided by VRC contains all the details and provisions that you need when you’re studying, making the process of studying and learning a lot easier. Along with this, students can benefit from the easing of the tension and pressure of having to score good marks by helping the Class 11th NCERT Solutions help them with this.

2. What all is Covered Under the Subject of Economics in the NCERT Solutions Class 11 PDFs?

The Economics syllabus of Class 11 includes two important components. The first important component is Statistics, and the second one is Indian Economic Development. Both the topics are important as the first one shows us how to compute big numbers into easier and simpler values, and the second one looks at the history of economic development in our country. Notes for both of these important components have been included in the NCERT Solutions’ Class 11 PDFs which will help you score exceptionally well in your Economics paper.

3. Is 11th Standard Easy?
Class 11 is a bit more difficult than Class 12 since the syllabus is primarily based on fundamentals. Also, because you will be prepared for higher education in your domain, it is important to study and do well in your Class 11 examinations, as this will influence your basic concepts that will form the base of your Class 12 syllabus. The transition from Class 10 to Class 11 can be tricky.
5. Where can I easily access the Solutions of NCERT Class 11?

Students can download the Class 11 NCERT Solutions from the link NCERT Solutions for Class 11 free of cost. Along with it, if you require additional guidance from experts, you can visit the VRC site. These experts will help you properly understand all the fundamentals and can also help you ace your exams with the help of their guidance and practice modules. They will also help you prepare for your future entrances, be it JEE or NEET etc.

6. Is NCERT enough to crack exams?

NCERT books are of utmost importance to properly grasp all of your fundamentals. The different problems are structured properly with different levels of difficulty. These books help you understand the topics in an easy language. The exercises in the NCERT books will give an apt idea of the paper structure. Furthermore, you can also reinforce your arsenal of knowledge with other guide books.

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