Vivek Raj
Founder & Instructor

Creative and Compassionate Private Tutor having more than 12 years of Experience

As an Owner and Faculty of VRC OF COMMERCE institution since 2010, i became most successful faculty of Accountancy, Economics and finance. By keep labouring hard with laborious students, i have gained tons of  experience of more than 13 years.

Sudy with dedication and patience makes your career so bright...!

By Vivek Raj


As I Pen Down To Write My Story, I Want To Quote Something Written By Dr. Vivekanand That “There Is A Deep Bond Between A Teacher And A Taught. Profession Of Teaching Has Always Excited Me. Becoming A well accomplished and experienced Teacher Has Been Both An Exciting And Challenging Endeavor I Have perceived. I Was Very Excited and Enthusiastic as well When I Decided To Become A Teacher. Finally I Started my career As A Home Tutor by teaching students at theirs home. Working Hard With Students Brought A Major Sense Of Satisfaction In me as well as students. After getting higher success, The Student’s Parents started believing in me and  Were Immensely Satisfied With The Performance Of Their Children In Academics. My Teaching Ideology Attracted More Students Attention towards my teaching skills. This Gave Me An Immense Satisfaction That I Am On The Right Path Of Teaching. I Have Found That I Enjoy Working With Different Types Of People. My Work Experience Has Always Involved Me In Contact With students, In one form Or Another. Teaching Has Provided Me Family Friendly Hours That I Would not Have Found In Any Other Occupation. Having The Opportunity To Help My Students In Classroom Has Been Very Educational For Me Also. I Want To Set Example For My Students As My Teachers Had Set For Me Earlier In My Life. I Was Taught By Several Exceptionally Influential Teachers In My Life Like Lt. Shri Bushan Sir, Naresh Thakur , Umesh Sharma To Name A Few And Many More Teachers. When I Thought Of Becoming A Teacher, I Always Had In My Mind That I Will Pass The Same Type Of Learning That I Have Gained When I Was Young.


Owner of VRC OF COMMERCE and a Creative and Compassionate Private Tutor having more than 15 years of Experience with Massive Subject Knowledge of “Accounting”,“Economics” and “Finance”.


VRC OF COMMERCE institution was established in 2010 which is regulated by the sole owner and faculty Mr. Vivek Raj. The institution mainly works with online and offline tutoring. The Institution provides educational facilities to the students of class VIII to degree level from different boards.

My Academics

To become a most successful teacher, i have completed “Certified Public Accountant (U.S.A)” along with Masters in Commerce.

My Achievements

Since for me, Achievement does not mean winning any awards or prizes but it basically means that how much hard work you have done with your students. As I have experienced that  many students got success by attending consistent sessions, putting themselves in a right what I have guided them. As I have produced many students who have been at the top of his career and brought a major change in themselves by getting good advise. I feel really proud that my students are doing well in every department. My blessings are always with them and I always wish them a bright future in their career.


A professional Skilled at evaluating student abilities with academic goals to tailor lesson plans and programs accordingly. Flair for establishing rapport with students to engender trust and promote physical, social and emotional growth. I believe my enthusiasm for supporting all students, extensive education and specialized experience would make me an asset to this exciting State history education initiative. Online Teaching a perfection: Online teaching is a prominent way of teaching which gives an option to connect with the students anywhere in the world. I really enjoyed teaching online and many students got success in their career. It`s my pleasure to execute challenges from students who creates it and I accept it. I will be waiting to start work with you.

How I Work with Students

I am well expert to teach Accounting, Economics and Finance due to my immense knowledge, experience and ability to teach students in a efficient and technical manner. Most important part of my teaching is to back up them all the time, forcing them to work hard and providing them study related contents which may boost their performance . I also arrange test for them after wrapping each and every topics. I also provide set of questions to the students to prepare for examination, unit test, mock test etc.. I always ready to work with them by clearing their doubts so that they may get fully satisfied. Overall i always ready to accept all challenges which is put up by our students as i am so passionate about my teaching.

My Goal

My Goal Is To Help Each Of My Students Acquire Knowledge By Whatever Method They Can Learn The Best. I Also Want Them To Be Excited About Learning More Like A Curious Little Child Who Always Want To Learn New Things.

Books by Vivek Raj

As we know, to study online has become very popular in recent times and educational contents like  Study Materials, sample papers, Quick revision notes, video lactures have become one of the most important source for exam preparation. We have written this study materials in very short and in easy language so that it can be well convenient for students to remember the topic. So we hope it would be very helpful for you. 

Class XII Accountancy Study Material .
Class XII Macro Economics Study Material English Medium
Class XII Indian Economic Development Study Material English Medium

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For Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics and Science

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1. Cash book balance was Rs. 1,790 (Dr.). When compared with the bank statement, it was identified that unpresented cheques were Rs. 1,040 and deposits not credited were Rs. 820. Balance of the bank statement will

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2. If balance in the bank statement shows Rs. 3,000 (Dr.) and there are deposits of Rs. 800 not yet credited and unpresented cheques totalling Rs. 500, the balance in the Cash Book should be:

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3. Unfavourable bank balances means:

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4. Customer’s copy of the account provided by the bank to the depositor to record deposits and withdrawals is called:

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5. Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared:

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6. The cheque which is issued to creditor but is not presented for payment is called?

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7. Payment done by the account holder through issuing a cheque is entered in

8 / 26

8. Pass Book of the account holder is a copy of

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9. Find out the Bank Balance as per Cash Book from the following particulars :
(i) Overdraft as per Pass Book = Rs. 5,000.
(ii) Cheques deposited into the bank but not credited = Rs.2,000

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10. Unfavourable bank balance means

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11. Overdraft as per Cash Book is Rs. 10,000. Cheques deposited but not credited Rs.2,500. Cheques issued but not encashed Rs.3,500. What is the balance as per Pass Book?

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12. ‘NSF’ marked in cheque sent back by the bank indicates

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13. Passbook is a copy of:

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14. When check is not paid by the bank, it is called?

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15. A bank reconciliation statement is mainly prepared for:

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16. A bank reconciliation statement is prepared by

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17. Bank charges Rs.5,000 debited twice in pass book. What should be done in BRS if overdraft as per cash book is starting point?

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18. VRC Ltd. receives a check for Rs. 100 records it in cash book and deposits it on the same day. A statement sent by the bank that day does not show this Rs. 100. How is this shown on the bank reconciliation statement?

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19. A business receives its bank statement showing the closing balance as Rs. 8,500 overdrawn. It is found that there were unpresented cheques amounting to Rs. 2,000 and uncredited deposits amounted to Rs. 1,500. Overdraft as per Cash Book is:

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20. Current account shows Rs. 1,000 as overdrawn. When bank statement is received, it was identified that one of debtors has deposited Rs. 400 into the account and bank charges of Rs. 20 had been debited to the account. Bank Statement balance is

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21. Uncollected checks are also known as?

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22. A Bank Reconciliation Statement is:

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23. Ravi’s bank reconciliation statement shows cheques deposited but not credited by bank of Rs. 3,800 and cheques issued but not presented by suppliers of Rs. 3,500. His bank balance as per Cash Book is Rs. 25,000. Balance as per pass book statement is

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24. Bank statement also called?

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25. Following details are related to a firm’s banking transactions at 31st March, 2019. Balance as per bank statement Rs. 22,650; uncleared lodgements Rs. 3,110; unpresented cheques Rs. 6,290. Bank credit recorded twice by bank in error as Rs. 650.
Which balance for cash at bank should appear in the Balance Sheet as at 31st March, 2019?

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26. The balance on the debit side of the bank column of cash book indicates?

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